Nonconductive Tool Company LLC




Safety Information 

To avoid possible electric shock or personal injury, follow these guidelines:
• Always turn off electricity before working on electrical circuits.
• Always wear gloves and eye protection when working with tools.
• Use these wire management tools only as specified in this instruction sheet or the protection provided by the tool might be impaired.
• Do not use this wire management tool if it is damaged, broken, cracked, or shows any signs of physical defect.
• Do not use this wire management tool if it is wet or damp.
• Not recommended for voltages over 600 volts.
• Always discharge any high-voltage capacitors before working on electrical systems.
• Do not use as a hammer or pry-bar.
• Comply with local and national safety requirements when working in hazardous locations.
• Use proper protective equipment, as required by local or national authorities when working in hazardous areas.
• Avoid working alone.

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