There are two Voltclaw tools: The Voltclaw-12 for handling 12 to 14 gauge wire and the Voltclaw Multi-Gauge for handling 6 to 24 gauge wire. The Multi-Gauge tool has some additional features.

Our customers use these tools for many jobs including outlets, switches, light fixtures, ceiling fans, breaker panels, junction boxes, contactors, gfci's, fans, machinery, motors, generators, electronics, appliances, automotive, pool equipment HVAC and many more... 

Voltclaw tools are molded from rugged, impact-resistance nylon, contain no metal parts and are non-conductive up to 600 volts.

Both tools are lightweight, durable, and versatile and contain 5 unique features.

The tools are manufactured In the US and come with a 12-month Warranty.

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The Voltclaw-12 is a nonconductive wire management tool for 12 to 14 gauge wires. It has two hooks t..


Voltclaw Multi-Gauge

Voltclaw Multi-Gauge

The Voltclaw Multi-Gauge is a nonconductive wire management tool with a sliding thumb mechanism used..


Voltclaw Both

Voltclaw Both

This package contains both the Voltclaw-12 and the Voltclaw Multi-Gauge. The two tools can be used a..


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