Nonconductive Tool Company LLC

Voltclaw Multi-Gauge

Safety First

Using the VoltClaw Multi-Gauge:

• Always turn off the circuit breaker and test the wiring with a beeper tester or voltmeter to make sure the circuit is not live.

Reach inside of junction boxes, switch boxes, service panels and grab 6-14 gauge wires with the hook to pull the wires out of the boxes. Use the front hook for smaller gauge wires and the rear hook for larger gauge wires.

Use the slide-hook on the VoltClaw Multi-Gauge by inserting the wire into the front hook and slide the thumb slide forward to grip the wire. The wire can now be pushed, pulled or bent.

Use the V-groove on the front of the VoltClaw Multi-Gauge to push the wires back into junction boxes, switch boxes, service panels and other applications. Push ground wires in first. Push white wires in second. The black, red or other colored wires should be the last wires to be pushed into the box.

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