What are Voltclaws?

Voltclaws are nonconductive hand tools made by the Nonconductive Tool Company for electricians, contractors and Do-It-Yourselfers around the world. Patented technology integrating the latest material science and innovative engineering allow us to manufacture these special application tools that assist installers to handle electrical wires safely and efficiently. Learn more in this video!


Voltclaw Multi-Gauge

What People Are Saying

Voltclaw is a product of the Nonconductive Tool Company

The Nonconductive Tool Company, LLC is committed to creating and manufacturing tools that help keep electricians safe and able to perform their functions to the highest level of their abilities.

In our Southern California facility, we put our products to the test to guarantee their durability, strength and optimal performance, incorporating the latest material science and manufacturing methods.

Great care should always be taken when working on electrical circuits. In case an electrical circuit is accidentally turned on while working on it the VoltClaw significantly decreases the odds of being electrocuted.

Most metal electrical tools can damage the insulation which protects the copper wire. When bare copper is exposed it greatly increases the chances of electrical malfunction or serious injury.

The soft and smooth edges of the VoltClaws allow an electrician to safely bend and move the wires without damaging the insulation.

Even simple tasks like reaching into a light pole to pull out the wires are made significantly easier and safer with the VoltClaw.

Using two VoltClaws, one in each hand, is a very safe way to work. Of course always turn off the electrical circuits before working on them, but this technique completely detaches the user from live and potentially deadly electrical currents.