Loading junction boxes with T-Groove
While pushing wires back into junction boxes, try using the T-groove to coil and bend the wires in a circular pattern. This helps to efficiently pack your wires in safely.

Two tools
For many applications you can use a Voltclaw in each hand. For example, in service panels use a Voltclaw12 to move wire bundles out of the way while using Voltclaw Multi-Gauge to move your wire into a breaker.

Wire twisting
As you’re twisting the wires with your lineman pliers hold the base of the wires with your VoltClaw multi-gauge. This also works great while installing wire nuts

Large hook
Use the large hook on handle of the Voltclaw Multi-Gauge to pull larger wires out of service panels and junction boxes.

Our favorite tip
Make sure the breakers are off before working on electrical systems 🙂


Old-timer trick – Gravity
When you are fishing a wire through a hole in the top plate of a wall down to a junction box, use a piece of chain. Drop the chain in the hole and lower it down to the cut-out hole in the wall below. Attach your wire to the chain and pull the wire of the wall.

Knock out removal
Knockouts are usually pretty easy to remove if you are working from the outside of a junction box. If you can only access a knock out from the inside of the box, drive a self tapping sheet metal screw into the knock out and use your lineman pliers to wiggle the screw back-and-forth to remove the knockout.

How to change an Electrical Receptacle (i.e. Outlet)

1) Always turn off circuit breaker

2) Check receptacle with beeper tool or volt meter to make sure electricity is off

3) Remove existing outlet in this order 1) Remove colored wire (Note: The colored wires are referred to as the hot wires. They are usually colored black, red or blue) 2) Remove the white wire 3) Remove the ground wire

4) Install new outlet in reverse order: 1) Install ground wire on green screw 2) Install white wire on silver screw. 3) Install hot wire (Black Red or Blue) on brass screw

5) Make sure all unused screws are tightened

6) Push wires into box with VoltClaw and screw in the outlet

7) Turn breaker back on and test with three-prong tester or voltmeter