Kicking Task! Voltclaw Gives Electricians A Safer, Timesaving Way to Get the Job Done

TORRANCE, CA, AUGUST 21, 2017 — Professional electricians and heavy DIYers pride themselves in having a tool for virtually any job. Yet the basic task of grabbing and moving wires has been largely ignored, leaving them to rely on dangerous metal screwdrivers, wire strippers or, worse yet, their fingers, to manipulate wires inside of electrical boxes and panels.

The new Voltclaw Multi-Gauge tool provides a new “task-kicking” way to manage the most common wire installation jobs in residential and commercial systems. The Voltclaw Multi-Gauge solves wiring challenges using its unique pull hook, sliding wire gripper, and V-groove. An essential safety tool, the Voltclaw Multi-Gauge is non-conductive to 1000V making it a far safer alternative to metal screwdrivers or wire strippers for grabbing and moving wires. It delivers peace-of-mind, even when navigating around wires in the most crowded boxes. It also answers the need for versatility with a sliding wire gripper optimized for a secure grip on almost wire ranging in size from 6 to 14 gauge.

The Voltclaw Multi-Gauge has a powerful arsenal of wire management solutions every professional and heavy DIYer should have on hand. Using it is as simple as 1-2-3.
The Reach: Safely reach deep inside of junction boxes, switch boxes, and service panels to grab 6-14 gauge wires with the Voltclaw’s two hooks and pull them out. Use the front hook for smaller gauge wires and the rear hook for larger gauge wires.
The Slide: Pro’s appreciate the Voltclaw Multi-Gauge’s sliding wire gripper. Simply set the wire into the front hook and slide the thumb slide forward to grip the wire. The wire can now be pushed, pulled or bent.
The Groove: Use the V-groove on the front of the VoltClaw Multi-Gauge to push wires back into junction boxes, switch boxes, service panels and other applications.
The Voltclaw Multi-Gauge is immediately available for $19.97 (USD) through electrical distribution and at leading home improvement stores including Home Depot.

For years, loyal Voltclaw users have shared ways the tools have been used, and now Voltclaw is asking them to share those uses with others on its Facebook page, www.facebook.com/voltclaw. Post how you use Voltclaw, and you’ll instantly be entered to win a Voltclaw Combo Pack containing the Voltclaw Multi-Gauge and the original Voltclaw-12.

For more information, visit www.voltclaw.com.

About Nonconductive Tool Company, LLC
Headquartered in Torrance, California, the Nonconductive Tool Company, LLC is committed to creating and manufacturing tools that help keep electricians safe and able to perform their functions to the highest level of their abilities. It’s American made tools include the award-winning VoltClawâ„¢, a groundbreaking new way for electricians to work safely around wiring. The Voltclaw was invented by the company’s founder, Warren Tarbell, an electrician and contractor. To learn more, visit www.voltclaw.com.