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Using the VoltClaw-12:

• Always turn off the circuit breaker and test the wiring with a beeper tester or voltmeter to make sure the circuit is not live.

Reach inside of junction boxes, switch boxes, service panels and other applications to grab the wires with the hook or the T-groove to pull the wires out of the boxes.

Use the T-groove on the VoltClaw-12 by sliding the 12 gauge wire into the groove and twisting the tool to grab the wire. The wire can be pushed, pulled or bent.

Use the V-groove on the VoltClaw-12 to push the wires back into junction boxes, switch boxes, service panels. Push ground wires in first. Push white wires in second. The hot wires should be the last wires to be pushed into the box.

Use the loop function on the VoltClaw-12 to create a J-shaped loop on the end of a pre-stripped wire. This loop is used to attach a wire to a screw on the side of a device such as a receptacle or a switch. The typical situation is white wires on the silver screws and hot wires on the brass colored screws.

Use the twist-on wire connector wrench on the VoltClaw-12 to remove or tighten wire connectors. Simply slide the wire connector into the wire connector twister and turn counterclockwise for loosening and clockwise for tightening.


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