New Tool Helps DIY’ers Safely Pull, Bend, Move Electrical Wires with Less Risk of Shock

TORRANCE, CA, OCTOBER 25, 2017 — A new tool from Nonconductive Tool Company is leading to safer, faster and more productive work methods for Do-It-Yourselfers. The Voltclaw-12 is a simple-to-use, low-cost tool that is nonconductive to allow for safer management of 12-14 gauge electrical wiring within junction boxes, switch boxes, outlets, panels or anywhere electrical […]

How to Safely Restore Electrical Service Following a Flood

TORRANCE, CA, SEPTEMBER 18, 2017 — Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have left trails of devastation throughout Texas, Florida and many Southeastern states, bringing heavy rains, storm surges and flash flooding. Now, as evacuated residents are beginning to return to their houses, repairing and restoring electrical systems is paramount to getting their lives back to normal. […]

Kicking Task! Voltclaw Gives Electricians A Safer, Timesaving Way to Get the Job Done

TORRANCE, CA, AUGUST 21, 2017 — Professional electricians and heavy DIYers pride themselves in having a tool for virtually any job. Yet the basic task of grabbing and moving wires has been largely ignored, leaving them to rely on dangerous metal screwdrivers, wire strippers or, worse yet, their fingers, to manipulate wires inside of electrical […]

Introducing A Safer, Faster Way To Handle A Wider Range Of Electrical Wires

Building on the success of the original Voltclaw-12, NTC launches the Voltclaw Multi-Gauge for safe management of 6-14 gauge electrical wires TORRANCE, CA, JULY 18, 2017 — Nonconductive Tool Company (NTC) continues to revolutionize the tool industry with the introduction of the Voltclaw Multi-Gauge electrician’s tool. Designed to bring added productivity to the jobsite, the […]

Don’t Get Shocked! How to Avoid Danger and Safely Wire Your Home

TORRANCE, CA, JUNE 8, 2017 — Home wiring is not a job that should be undertaken by a novice. Getting shocked is more than unpleasant – it can cause serious injuries and even be lethal. As little as 14 milliamps, about that of a plug-in nightlight, is enough to kill a person. “No matter how […]

Voltclaw Tools Now Available at HomeDepot.com

Affordably priced at $14.97 just in time for Father’s Day TORRANCE, CA, MAY 22, 2017 — Nonconductive Tool Company (NTC) announced today that its Voltclaw-12 multi-use electrician’s tool will now be sold online by the world’s largest home improvement retailer, The Home Depot┬« via HomeDepot.com. “This is an important milestone for our company, and a […]

Voltclaw Tools Featured on “Ask This Old House” TV Show

TORRANCE, CA, MAY 5, 2017 — Nonconductive Tool Company (NTC) announced today that its Voltclaw-12 multi-use tool was featured on a recent episode of the Emmy award winning PBS home improvement series Ask This Old House. During the program, master electrician Scott Caron demonstrates how the Voltclaw-12 makes working with wires easier to Ask This […]

Electrician Invents Groundbreaking New Tool to Pull, Bend and Move Wires with Less Risk of Electrical Shock

Patented Voltclaw-12 fundamentally changes how electricians work TORRANCE, CA, APRIL 10, 2017 — Nonconductive Tool Company, founded by electrician Warren Tarbell, has developed a revolutionary new tool that is leading to safer, faster and more productive work methods for electricians, maintenance professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers. The company’s latest breakthrough fills a serious gap in the hand-tool […]